True Wireless High Fidelity

Streaming is the future of music listening: Raumfeld was born of this conviction. As more and more people expected to be able to access a near infinite range of music via Wi-Fi, Raumfeld was already aiming for much more: Streaming speakers that could play back music in high fidelity.

Like Teufel, Raumfeld is a true original.

Not only does the young brand produce playback from streamed content in true high fidelity, it represents a real alternative to the culture of throwaway plastic consumer electronics. Raumfeld’s striking, Bauhaus-inspired design and quality workmanship together with an adherence to classic hi-fi principles makes the system stand apart both in terms of design and sound quality.

Crafted by audiophiles, Raumfeld produces smart hi-fi systems for those who want the convenience of streaming for the conscious enjoyment of music.