Typically Teufel

Established in 1980 as a small store for DIY loudspeakers, Teufel grew from home-grown underdog to a cult brand for hi-fi and home cinema speakers in Germany and abroad. A direct sales model helped Teufel stay close to its loyal customer base which guided the creation of products that have become legendary. Over the years, the young brand expanded its product palette from hi-fi stereo speakers to include multi-media systems, home cinema, Bluetooth speakers and headphones.

Teufel is for those who want to experience life with more intensity, who aren’t satisfied with the status quo. This pioneering mentality is expressed in the way the company does business. In the early days of the internet, Teufel began exclusive online sales – a model that allowed it to offer the best sound systems at the lowest prices. But many questioned whether anyone would buy loudspeakers they had never heard. Undaunted, Teufel introduced an 8 week return policy along with the following bit of wisdom: The true test of a loudspeaker is not how it sounds in a store, but how it sounds within one’s own four walls.

Teufel continued to blaze trails becoming the first German loudspeaker manufacturer to produce THX certified home cinema systems. It also launched a line of multimedia sound systems that are well known among gamers because of the high standard they set for powerful, transparent sound at affordable prices.

Thanks to an unwavering commitment to quality and close proximity to its customer base, Teufel grew from a local Berlin company with a loyal fan base into a German cult brand and respected European-wide distributor of quality sound systems.