Every era is defined not only by its music and fashion, but also its popular technologies. For the Berlin Acoustics Group, our challenge is to implement the newest technologies in ways that people will want next year and in 10 years’ time. Always a step ahead, we don’t lose sight of what never goes out of style: Quality workmanship and amazing sound.


Across all industries, product life cycles are growing shorter and shorter. More products are introduced into ever more channels at smaller intervals, and the speed of market change is rapidly increasing. That’s why it’s important for us to not just be fast, but faster.


As in any industry, creating quality audio starts with knowing who you are. By remaining close to our roots, we at the Berlin Acoustics Group are never far from the well of inspiration. A direct sales model that imposes no middle man between us and our customers helps keep the focus where it should be: On what customers want; and thanks to the new Teufel Raumfeld Flagshipstore, we are closer to our customers than ever before.


The two brands of the Berlin Acoustics Group – Teufel and Raumfeld – support each other with their different histories: The established cult brand endows the Berlin startup with a wealth of acoustic design knowledge and marketing expertise. The new brand Raumfeld, on the other hand, reminds Teufel of its beginnings and keeps it in tune with the spirit of innovation.


It’s built into every Teufel subwoofer and Raumfeld stereo pair.

It’s what ensures that moment of surprise when a system is turned on for the first time and the initial clear and powerful strains of a favourite song are played back as never before. With the Berlin Acoustic Group, passion is built in.


Being close to our customers is as important to us as being close to each other within the company. An open office space in Berlin Mitte ensures that the lines of communication are always free so that the PR team knows what product management is working on and marketing can consult with customer service – we’re all connected.



Deciding what makes sense for you instead of following what everyone else is doing takes courage; executing these decisions successfully requires real leadership. The management team at the Berlin Acoustics Group has the experience to steer bold decisions through difficulties and unite the team under a shared vision.


Berlin is an authentic city where people say what they mean, dress how they please and set trends rather than follow them. This spirit of authenticity permeates everything we do at the Berlin Acoustics Group. Under-promising and over-delivering is the result of an attitude driven by results instead of mere appearances.


Rather than simply the destination, success is the journey we’re on and the summation of all we do. A spirit of innovation and leadership but also teamwork and collaboration drive us there; a loyal customer base along with new fans guide our way.